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Is Object Storage an Ideal Solution for Increasing Data

Never has business been more dependent upon data storage than the present day, and that goes double for the future. This is where scalability comes into play when contemplating which data storage method you choose. Businesses have typically either kept a large server rack which housed all the data together or in synched RAID arrays for maximum redundancy of data.

When companies got bigger, the need for more data storage brought the advent of outside data storage, shipping the data off to offsite data storage facilities either through internet means (which was an astronomical cost in the late 1990s) or by DAT tapes shuffled off via courier to the data center.

In today’s day and age, there has never been more variety in data storage methods available for a business. The advent of the Cloud has brought new possibilities and new frontiers to explore in the world of data storage and analysis.

Companies are always on the hunt for methods that can either be scaled up or down, dependent on the business needs at the time. Utilizing a hybrid approach (both local servers and Cloud-based) offers a business the best of both worlds with maximum scalability and peak performance (data access and security) of data.