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Is DNS Aggravating Your Security Plans

Cybercriminals are always looking for any blind spot in your cybersecurity. You can have the best and most accurate security and still be left an opening for cybercrime. The most common of these vulnerabilities is the domain name systems (DNS). Everything you do on the internet requires DNS, it’s just a fact of life, so it can sometimes be overlooked by your security provider. Cybercriminals wait for this very chance to strike. 2,116 cyber-attacks happen every 60 seconds. Is DNS aggravating your security plans?

Throughout the coming years, security will become tighter and more efficient. But so will the work of cybercriminals. Attackers go for the DNS because it is vital to the use of the internet. It is very likely to be left unprotected and unsupervised. ICANN states that there are currently 30 to 50 million DNS servers active right now. That sounds like a lot of opportunity for cybercriminals. DNS is unable to determine the validity of a website, therefore it can in no way protect itself.

Firewalls do not help in the way because they don’t handle DNS scanning. For this reason, the only option is to do so manually. This is a lot of work to dedicate to just one section of security. This takes manpower, time, and money. Can you even monitor it 24/7? Cybercriminals use things such as domain generation algorithm (DGA), fast fluxing, data exfiltration, targeted threat delivery, and more to attack through DNS accurately, and without being detected. Your security can’t protect you against these means.

All of this extra time and work is overwhelming to assign to just DNS. This affects your IT team as well as your finances. If you want to learn more about if your DNS is aggravating your security plans and how to prevent it, read below.