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Internet of Things: Driving Value for Enterprises
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Meet Debby.

Debby is the marketing manager at a boutique shoe business with three locations in the Chicago Metroplex. She has been hearing a lot of buzz lately about the internet of things, but is not sure how she can utilize this new concept to provide a seamless experience for her customers.

Debby attends a webinar that discusses how the internet of things is driving value for other enterprises. She learns that the IoT is the connection between devices and the data gained from that connection. She also learns that she needs to process, store, manage, and analyze this data to drive real business value.

What does IoT data look like? Here are some key characteristics:

  •  The massive volume of intermittent data amounts to millions of events per minute.
  •  IoT data may come in real-time or in batches.
  •  IoT data is generated from a variety of sources.
  •  The value of IoT data decreases over time and becomes less relevant.
  •  IoT data can include diverse data structures and schemas, based on the source the data comes from.

While Debby is unsure how she can generate value from IoT on her own, she looks for a company or tool that can help her. Luckily, she finds Cloudera, a company that can help her utilize the concept of IoT to drive value.

Cloudera Enterprise is perfect for IoT data management and analytics because as they provide several benefits:

  •  Flexible data ingest
  •  Reliable, scalable, always-on data ingest
  •  End-to-end analytics and machine learning
  •  Real-time serving and insights
  •  Batch processing
  •  A scalable IoT data platform
  •  Deployment flexibility
  •  Fast analytics
  •  They are fundamentally secure
  •  And they can handle a variety of data

Cloudera Enterprise offers an essential tool for your business to manage IoT data and drive success. It also integrates well with other systems such as those provided by Intel and RedHat. The end-to-end solution can help to accelerate both Debbie’s and your IoT journey.

If you want to know more about how IoT can drive value to your company, click the link below for more information.