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3 Ways to Accelerate Deep Learning with Data

Data is everywhere: numbers, letters, commands, information, etc. In a given day, trillions of terabytes of data zoom around all over the globe. Any global enterprise sees astronomical amounts of data in their systems, and they needed a data system in place to deliver data with no dropouts in the chain.

The solution is EADS (Enterprise Agile Data Service) which works with EDG (Enterprise Data Grid) to deliver data competently and fast. The data resides in GemFire memory and can be accessed very quickly with these methodologies and technological breakthroughs.

EDG also implements Kafka as an ironclad streaming platform that can distribute data effortlessly and can be scaled up or down dependent on need. High amounts of data flow through this system with almost no latency reported on real-time data feeds. This is vitally important to the enterprise, not only to large companies, but to any sized enterprise looking to have a scalable and efficient data solution.

This helps business productivity and reduces downtime on the user end and can improve the customer relationship by having no bottlenecks in the data stream to the user level. It’s easy for something small to jeopardize the entire data stream (latency, network outage, etc.) which is why you need a solution that has the best fail-safes put into place. To cross these choppy waters of technological and data rivers, one needs to utilize a high-quality raft that can navigate these waters and deliver data with confidence and efficiency. EDG is your raft in the vast waterways of data that modern businesses and their customers see every day.