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In this contemporary time, a major challenge faced by engineers and designers is the increasing pressure on them to create more unique products at a quicker pace and at minimum costs. Their companies are relying greatly on them in order to succeed in today’s highly competitive and almost saturated global market.

This is why we have taken the responsibility to show you how you can automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks, and manage design data so as to minimize the chances of errors creeping into your process. The solution lies in SOLIDWORKS premium software, a 3D CAD package that features integrated tools.


Are you a product designer, engineer, or designer? Then this whitepaper is a must-read for you! We have expatiated on how you can develop highly innovative products quickly and with ease. This whitepaper shows ways you can use integrated 3D CAD tools to effectively communicate the concepts of your design and collaborate with other professionals who can add valuable input.

It explains how you can create tooling, estimate production costs, evaluate product sustainability, and then assess design manufacturability. You would also understand how you can create photorealistic animations and images. But more importantly, we have explained how you can achieve all these without leaving your 3D CAD system!

This whitepaper addresses key questions like: Can you work with legacy data? Do you have the ability to communicate design concepts effectively? How will your design perform? How will your design look and feel? Can you model complex surfaces accurately? Can you manufacture your design? What will it cost to produce your design? How sure are you that you’re working with the right revision? Is your product sustainable? The answers to these crucial questions will help you in designing and manufacturing better products with integrated 3D CAD tools.