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What Is Information Transformation and Why Is It Important
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The way businesses run is changing rapidly. Global organizations are inherently complex, especially when it comes to an organization’s data center.

The scene is often chaotic: data centers with hundreds of servers and storage units along with multiple databases and dozens of operating systems that all need to work together seamlessly to satisfy 24/7 user demands and the business process application requirements. This problem faced by major consumer goods manufacturers comes as no surprise.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence, such as machine learning and big data, require tons of information in order to get outstanding results. Now is perhaps the right time for organizations to take a holistic view of their infrastructure and move to a more flexible and secure utility-style computing model through an information transformation program.

Digital business transformation is THE ultimate challenge for managers and executives. In order to survive, companies must go digital and adopt the latest in technology. Digital transformation and information transformation impact not only the industry structures and strategic positioning, but also the different levels within an organization. Information transformation is essential for both growth and survival of any business.

Digital disruption is a reality nearly every organization faces as some point or another. It is therefore imperative that business leaders constantly challenge their companies and employees to ensure that information transformation unlocks productivity gains and significant competitive advantage all while delivering an exceptional customer experience.

If you want to know more about how to support your organization’s digital transformation journey, click the link below for more information.