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How to Identify Opportunities, Bridge Silos, and Accelerate Results With Augmented Intelligence
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You have likely already heard about augmented reality and other forms of augmented technology. But it is likely that you have yet to hear about augmented intelligence?

Augmented intelligence is a mechanism that improves and scales up human expertise. It is done by collaborating with people on clearly defined activities, accessing a large chunk of both structured and unstructured data.

Augmented intelligence detects patterns, relationships, and insights which all helps to drive innovation.

Think about this, in the 1980s and 1990s, telephones were completely immobile, banking was a tedious chore in which customers had to stand in long lines to simply check their balances, and shopping was a tiresome activity as stores were scarce, forcing many people to travel long distances just to buy daily necessities.

Fast forward to today and smartphones have practically revolutionized the way we communication across time zones and geographies. It also continues to help people perform tasks like checking their bank account balances and making bank transfers even in a matter of seconds instead of hours or even days.

Further, e-commerce has changed the dynamics of shopping. Now people shop for what they want wherever they are and can have it shipped or delivered to them in very short order.

Combine big data with artificial intelligence and you are likely to get what is now being called augmented intelligence. This form of intelligence covers everything from artificial intelligence to machine learning and on to natural language processing.

What we are also seeing is that customers have heightened expectations. They are more demanding because they are more informed and are able to do their own research on their time. It is no longer super easy to sell to customers through basic sales pitches and marketing platforms. Very simply: If you can’t meet customer expectations, someone else will.

Augmented Intelligence can be leveraged to create a cohesive working unit which in turn eradicates silos, assists multiple units in functioning together in an environment of collaboration, improves the customer experience, and boosts performance.

Augmented Intelligence is making major inroads as “69% of “leading-edge” companies believe augmented intelligence will be the driver to improved customer loyalty, and 50% of all companies surveyed believe these technologies will improve the customer experience.”

Companies that fail to embrace augmented intelligence will be disrupted by new competitors and new forms of competition. If you want to know more about the growing pursuit of augmented intelligence, click the link below for more information.