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ICT and AV Equipment New Safety Standards

An important date looms large over the ICT and AV industries and that date is, December 20, 2020. This is the date where both the ICT equipment safety standard (60950-1) and the AV equipment safety standard (60065) will be phased out completely. In its place will be a new single safety standard (62368-1) which covers both North America and the European Union.

There will be vastly different qualifications and standards under this new certification standard. Hazard Based Safety Engineering principles are the catalyst of this new combined safety standard. Energy Sources will fall under three different classifications: Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3.

Class 1 energy sources will not inflict pain upon the body, but the person could feel it. Class 1 sources are not likely to cause a fire with combustible materials. Class 2 energy sources can cause pain, but not to the degree of bodily injury. Combustible materials may ignite, but chances of spreading fire are very low. Class 3 energy sources cause injury to the body and can cause a fast-moving fire upon igniting.

Companies need to be aware of the changes coming down within the next 18 months and must plan accordingly. Companies also need to be familiar with why the changes have been made and to become cognizant of all the parameters behind the change to stay ahead of the curve.