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How IaaS Adopters Are Disrupting and Thriving
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A survey conducted in mid-2017 analyzed the views of over 1500 senior-level decision makers in information technology businesses. These executives came from a wide range of geographies including Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and South Korea.

IT professionals are under a great deal of pressure to deliver projects that exceed expectations and that bring real value to their business structure. As digital technologies continue to disrupt markets, this pressure only grows. Infrastructure as a service or IaaS is transforming under this kind of pressure.

IaaS was originally given a chance by many CIOs because it helped them to cut costs. This was super important as IT departments are often expected to do more with less. Today, IaaS is an agility compensator in an era of disruption and growth.

The 2017 survey showed a growing interest and adaptation to the IaaS framework from senior IT executives. Cloud deployments and new elements of new services entering the markets proved that many companies are convinced IaaS must become an integral part of a forward-moving IT strategy.

The survey revealed four important things:

#1 Over two-thirds see enterprise-wide IaaS as fundamental to progressive cloud strategies—up 8 percent in the past three months

#2 Seven in ten say that IaaS lets organizations be more innovative—an increase of 10 percent since the last Survey

#3 The impact of the IaaS skills shortage is growing

#4 Security is the biggest issue for businesses migrating to IaaS

Businesses that deploy IaaS are clearly in the majority and will only continue to grow over the next couple of years. Non-adopters will increasingly find themselves falling behind in this technology.