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How Workflow Technology Is Simplifying the Day to Day
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Meet Geoff.

Geoff has been hearing a lot recently about workflow technology and how it can simplify his day-to-day work.

Geoff wants to know just how workflow technology can benefit him, so he decides to conduct some research and finds that automating straight-through processing, where transaction workflows are digitized end-to-end, can increase transaction throughput by 80%, while reducing errors by half.

Geoff also learns that organizations that actively prioritize democratized workflow can see improvements in three key areas including:

Greater consistency. By automating tasks that are done on a regular basis, Geoff can reduce errors and latency rates.

Improved productivity and throughput. Democratized workflows can eliminate work chaos and mental effort focused on managing processes for finding out what is done and what isn’t.

Digital innovation. By empowering Geoff to build his own processes, a digitally agile workforce can leverage technology to improve outcomes for his company.

Now that Geoff has a better understanding of the benefits workflow technology can offer him. He now wants to know the features of a truly democratic and effective workflow tool. Geoff finds five essential features his workflow tool should offer:

Self-service. Geoff should be able to automate his own tasks to have a streamlined workflow.

Intuitive and agile. Geoff should stay away from one-size-fits-all workflow tools to avoid a poorly optimized process.

Extends outside the company. An extended ecosystem ensures the process doesn’t break down and increases the level of transparency.

Tracks progress in real-time. Having a dashboard that provides visibility into the status of every workflow allows all employees to track every project.

Secure and compliant. With audit trails and data protection, Geoff will be able to protect sensitive content that flows through the automated workflow.

Now that Geoff knows how workflow technology can benefit him and his organization, he is ready to implement a solution that will offer him the optimal features he is looking for.

If you want to learn more about how workflow technology is simplifying the day-to-day, click the link below for more information.