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How Western Union Propels a Multi-Channel Customer Experience

Western Union is a leader in global payment services. They provide their customers and businesses fast, reliable and convenient ways to send and receive money around the world. Western Union is so reliable that in 2016, customers trusted the company to move $80 billion worth of principal and $523 million business payments.

Western Union sought to broaden their CX program to engage with customers who visit digital channels. They were able to power a truly multi-channel customer experience with the help of Medallia for Digital. Medallia helped Western Union achieve this by collecting feedback from online customers to receive a unified view of the whole customer journey in one solution.

This whitepaper outlines the many results and benefits Western Union achieved with the help of Medallia for Digital. Some of these results include customer experience feedback that influenced new projects, an upward trend in online customer satisfaction and even over 100,000 online feedback responses received in the first six months.