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How to Unleash the Power of Field Service Transformation

If you are not on the digital transformation bandwagon already, you better hurry!

Digital transformation has changed the way businesses are conducted and run. Every aspect of a business and every business process has completely transformed. One such aspect is Field Service.

Field service experiences are becoming more and more important to companies. Today executives and managers are asking field service leaders to be innovative, find new ways to increase revenue, improve technicians’ productivity, and raise customer loyalty scores.

Customers are now becoming more and more savvy, especially with the power of technology. Their demands and increasing, as are their expectations, regarding the quality of customer experience. At the heart of this experience, lies field service.

In today’s environment fiercely competitive environment, service can make the difference in your company’s ability to become a market leader. It is what can make the difference between yours and your competitor’s offerings.

Field service basically refers to the on-spot point of service delivery and contact with the customer. Being such a critical part of the customer experience, we need to re-examine our existing systems, and evaluate current technologies and tools so as to be able to provide the best-in-class service to customers.

The idea is very simple – Customers want the best possible service experience, and if you are unable to provide it, they will move to your competition. Therefore, field service transformation is extremely beneficial in the following ways:

• Enables you to assess the current state of your organization and the problems within the system you’re trying to solve
• Gives you the opportunity to research and select which vendors you wish to evaluate
• Empowers you to choose the solution that best meets your organization’s and customers’ specific needs
• Implement the best solution keeping the situation at hand in mind
• Continuously improve your field service and the customer experience

Seeing how important field service is, service organizations and manufacturers thus must equip field teams with the skills, parts, tools, and insight necessary to resolve every issue at any time that they interact with their customers. Instant solutions, transparency, and self-service are how customers measure and evaluate their experiences.

By transforming your field service, you can expect the following:

• Increased productivity
• Better performance and efficiency
• Positive customer relationships
• Higher customer satisfaction
• Cost reduction

In this era of digital businesses and digital transformation, customers expect the same level of service regardless of their location. As an executive, you must thus ensure that your employees in the field have access to the same assets and capabilities as your staff that is located in the branch so that they can make critical decisions and take appropriate actions faster. This is a competitive imperative.

Organizations are now investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in incorporating digital solutions and upgrading technology that enables a more connected mobile workforce in the field and facilitates a much better customer experience, higher service quality ratings and increased revenue.