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For many shoppers today, the buyer journey is no longer a straight line from finding what is needed to clicking and purchasing. It is more of an afternoon spent window shopping and then circling back for the right product after looking through them all.

With a wide array of channels and devices, every consumer takes a personalized path to purchase. And they’re typically not shopping for just one item, but multiple items at one time.

From reviews and product descriptions and features listed on social media, in articles, and through advertisements, shoppers are the primary decision-makers about how they get what they want or need.

With the way shoppers find information on what they need, one thing is clear, “ finding new ways to influence a nearly infinite set of journeys must be at the foundation of marketers’ acquisition and conversion strategies.”

Marketers do this in 3 ways:

  1. Move from targeting personas to targeting people
    Use your targeting and acquisition efforts to find in-market shoppers even before they visit your website.
  2. Create a storefront that is worthy of shoppers’ time on mobile
    Mobile information and purchase ability are just as important as in-store and website access for consumers.
  3. Produce trusted content
    Provide reviews, photos, and Q&A content that makes searching the website on desktop or mobile an enjoyable customer experience.