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How to Select the Best Infrastructure Strategy to Support Your AI Solution
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Hi! My name is Joe.

I’ve been an IT professional for many years now and have seen more and more companies adopt AI solutions. What many of these companies don’t realize, though, is that it’s essential to have a good infrastructure strategy in place to be able to properly support any AI solution they adopt.

How though, can you ensure that you select the best infrastructure strategy to support the AI solution you’re planning to adopt? Let’s take a look at different strategies you can use to properly fit the needs of your company.

Strategy 1) Buy a One-Off Solution

There are many benefits of buying an AI solution specific to a single-use case like it being easier to learn skills and expertise around AI, it’s cheaper than architecture designed to support a broader range of use cases, and it’s faster than a more generalized solution, There are disadvantages with a one-off solution, though, including the fact that it may become outdated and can result in multiple AI silos which could negatively impact the business.

Strategy 2) Build a Broader Platform

In the case of AI, this type of platform can be used with a wide variety of open source and commercial software packages and configured to meet the needs of individual workloads. There are also many benefits this strategy offers like unique deployment and expertise building. This strategy does come with a few disadvantages though, including complexity issues, deployment risk, and its inability to scale accordingly to the needs of your business.

Strategy 3) Outsource Solution Delivery

If you’re looking to use a third-party resource to support your AI solution, it’s important to understand the benefits and disadvantages of this strategy. On one hand, a third-party resource could minimize deployment issues and offer knowledge and skills your organization lacks. On the other hand, though, a third-party resource could reduce efficiency and increase data bottlenecks.

Adopting an AI solution can greatly benefit your business but it’s essential to choose an infrastructure strategy that best fits the needs of your company before you begin.

If you want to learn more about selecting the best infrastructure strategy to support your AI solution, click the link below for more information.