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How to Secure and Manage Hybrid Cloud
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Joe and Todd have been debating the possibility of switching their small but growing data company to the cloud. Todd has been pushing Joe to take the plunge and made a very compelling argument.

Joe is not so sure that the cloud could be the answer to his challenge of data management and security. Their company was hit before by a minor cyberattack which they quickly recovered from and he sees moving to the cloud as a major cyber risk.

Joe is looking for the right solution but skeptical to try anything.

Todd tells Joe one day that their systems must be secure as it is the biggest driver for the gathering, analyzing, and migration of data. The perception that cloud migration leads to cyber risks is valid, but without it, organizations are exposed to a host of other vulnerabilities.

This might come as a surprise to those carrying this perception.

A survey by Longitude Research indicates that enterprises with maximum cloud maturity have the most confidence in their security systems. In the cloud, if the service provider ensures services are always running, then it turns out to be more secure than running services on an internal data center.

Because of that, enterprises are being pushed to get in compliance with regulations such as GDPR. With GDPR in effect from the end of May 2018, many organizations are not prepared for this compliance. The constant pressure of adherence to compliance is not an easy task.

The positive outlook is that cloud platforms always help enterprises in achieving compliance. This is accomplished by using protocols and configurations that help organizations stay within the rules and can be adjusted when needed.

In the past, organizations have invested in a wide range of security products. However, migration to the cloud gives an opportunity to adapt a complete holistic secure cloud access broker solution, also known as CASB.

According to Gartner, “CASBs provide information security professionals with a single point of control over multiple cloud service concurrently, for any user or device.”

Todd is more excited about the cloud and Joe is slowly coming on board with this newfound understanding. He is almost 100% certain that the cloud is the right solution he has been looking for.

Considering the frequency and impact of cyberattacks, organizations around the world are focusing on taking a proactive stand that will help to set their organizations up for success. If you are one of the many organizations thinking about a hybrid cloud solution, click the link below for more information.