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How to Optimize Your Enterprise Data Warehouse with Hadoop

The enormous amount of data that modern companies have to process to cease the opportunities laying in digital solutions stretches their resources; IT resources that is. In the midst of all that exists new and proven solutions that can be used by companies to better store, access, and process their data.

Among the most popular is the application of Hadoop to optimize Data Warehouse, but a recent survey of US and UK companies shows that an increasing number of enterprises are adopting Hadoop primarily to lower data and analytics costs, as well as for performing more advanced analytics on their Big Data.

This whitepaper reveals what IT experts and leaders think about Hadoop and Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW). At the same time, you read how Hadoop will help you to cope with the most significant challenges companies worldwide face in doing so: offloading EDW Data to Hadoop.

That’s right, over 60% of IT decision-makers stated that they face challenges when they have to identify exactly what data should remain within the EDW and what should move to Hadoop.

With this whitepaper, you will find critical benefits for optimizing your EDW with Hadoop, among which you could make your company have more comprehensive analytics, lower overall data and analytics costs, and even create new products and services based on new data and sources made possible due to implementing Hadoop technology to your data processes.