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How to Optimize the Deployment of Analytics-Ready Infrastructure

Organizations are fundamentally changing how they operate and what drives their idea of success. Business analytics tools and the ability to use them more effectively will determine who outshines the competition. This is causing many IT organizations to develop new infrastructure strategies that better support high-value analytical workloads.

When companies realize that analytics workloads can increase substantially over the next few years, they can begin to implement a successful IT strategy. This is because many companies can barely support the limited number of current analytics workloads that run on legacy IT systems, so doubling or tripling that number is not possible. To continue their success, IT organizations must invest in analytics platforms that have long-term strategic value.

This whitepaper contains a report that outlines an IT strategy to support the modern analytics-driven business. If you want to learn more about a comprehensive strategy that will support your business and boost your thinking toward analytics, this whitepaper can assist you.