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How to Move from Relational to NoSQL

The shift to the Digital Economy for businesses today means maintaining web, mobile, and IoT applications faster and better, and at a greater scale. This is because these applications are how companies interact with their customers, employees, partners, and products. NoSQL database technology assists companies in achieving these needs at reduced costs.

NoSQL offers companies more agile development and scalable operations to keep up with their web, mobile and IoT applications and has become a foundation for the development of these applications. Couchbase has enabled hundreds of companies to deploy NoSQL to better their performance and agility at a lower cost.

In this whitepaper, you will gain a better understanding of why more and more companies are switching from a relational database to a NoSQL one. Couchbase has made recommendations for identifying and selecting the right applications, as well as, covering strategies for migrating data from a relational database. NoSQL database is better than a relational database and this whitepaper explains why.