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How to Leverage 3D Printed Manufacturing Tools

In the manufacturing business, you can easily get held back in production over the next few years by the current process of creating and assembling jigs and fixtures, or tools. Many manufacturing companies do this by welding or something similar. This process is long and expensive. There is, however, a new way to do things in your manufacturing tools: 3D Printing.

While the startup for 3D printing may be expensive, it will definitely save you money and time in the long run. Manufacturing tools include anything from organizational baskets to gauges. This is simple, manufacturing aids improve productivity and efficiency in your business. But they are expensive and time-consuming to make and that holds some back. With 3D printing, these can be done quickly and cost efficiently. Just with this one reason alone, 3D printing is a good investment. 3D printing simplifies the process, making it easier to justify new manufacturing aids. 3D printing can improve the process, lower costs, re-apply skilled workers, and reduce waste (time and trash).

3D printing can even make your aids work better! When it takes as much time as it does to make these aids by hand, it’s easy to settle for tools that are not 100% correct. But if they are 3D printed, they can be made exactly as you want, and it is so much less expensive than if you need to change it, you can. 3D printing can save over 70 hours per person per year, as well as saving in scrap.

Since 3D printing tools can be done in 1 day, you can print on demand. You won’t need a surplus of these aids; you can just have the amount you need and print more when necessary.

3D printing can maximize production and minimize time and cost. If you were being held back because you couldn’t justify 3D printing, now you can. If you want to know more about how to leverage 3D printed manufacturing tools, read below.