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How to Judge Your Company's Ability to Generate Value from AI
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Technology is increasingly affecting, and in some cases, taking over many different fields and industries. One of the technologies that are becoming vital to business is artificial intelligence or AI.

Artificial intelligence, also known as machine intelligence, has had a massive effect in many industries including bioinformatics, gaming, and language processing. It has also affected business in general, and many companies are taking hold of the power of artificial intelligence to improve their processes. You do not want to be left behind.

Here are some ways you can make sure that your company is also prepared to procure value from this exciting and evolving technology.

  1. Judge your company’s analytics strength: Many forms of AI are extensions of your business’s analytics capabilities. If your company is strong on artisanal analytics with humans, it could very well be time for your company to get into AI generation of analytics models.
  1. Try it out with a small project: You might want to choose a small project that could possibly benefit from AI technology and pick a small vendor of cognitive technologies to go through with it.
  1. See if AI will help your customer experience: In many industries, consumers are demanding artificial intelligence. If this is the case for you, you need to start experimenting with this tech.
  1. Will you lose customers without AI?: As previously stated, many customers are demanding AI experiences or at least AI-enhanced experiences. If you aren’t providing your customers with what they want, you will start losing them to your competition.
  1. Understand the process of adopting AI: There are good ways and bad ways to adapt AI in your business. You should have a step-by-step process that gradually integrates AI into your company prepared. You don’t want to do this the wrong way.

After watching this video, write down some ways AI can be of benefit to your business and then work on implementing them across your company’s different departments.

If you want to learn more about how to generate value from AI in your business, click the link below for more information.