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How to Improve Your Security Posture with Splunk as Your SIEM

It is important today that enterprise security teams use a SIEM solution that not only solves common security use cases but also advanced use cases. Modern SIEMs are expected to be able to accomplish many things like add context and threat intelligence to security events, correlate and alert across a range of data, detect advanced and unknown threats, use analytics and report on compliance posture, and so much more.

Using Splunk as your SIEM will allow you to achieve these and so much more. Splunk software can be used to build and operate security operations centers of any size, it can support the full range of information security operations, and even direct known and unknown threats.

More and more security teams are utilizing Splunk as their SIEM because of the many ways it provides support and security for organizations. Download this whitepaper to learn why Splunk is a proven integrated, big data-based security intelligence platform and how it can improve your security posture.