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How to Get Rid of Database Workload Silos

Your company probably needs to keep track of dozens of different initiatives. But that doesn’t mean, however, that you need to use dozens of separate storage solutions to get the job done.

The all-flash Dell EMC storage array is a storage solution that is designed to take care of multiple jobs at once without sacrificing performance. Not only will it help your company to reduce complexity by getting rid of database workload silos, it will also allow you to retrieve customer data from multiple sources without compromising transactional database performance.

According to a test that pitted the all-flash Dell EMC storage array against the HPE Nimble Storage all-flash array, Dell EMC processed orders more quickly and took less time to load data than HPE did.

While loading to a data mart, Dell EMC fulfilled over 929,000 orders per minute on average, while HPE only managed 270,000. Additionally, while juggling transactional database work, it took Dell EMC just 43 minutes to load 3 TB of information into a data mart. That same task took HPE over an hour – 46 percent longer.

With Dell EMC, you can get rid of the restrictive silo of transferring files to a single data mart through its own dedicated storage. Instead, you can combine multiple workloads into a single solution. The all-flash Dell EMC storage array allows you to do just that. It also allows you to:

  • Process up to 3.4x the orders per minute during a data mart import
  • Load to a data mart up to 31% faster during an online transaction processing workload

By upgrading to the all-flash Dell EMC storage array, your company could attend to more customer orders each minute and save time while simultaneously importing data.

If you want to know more about getting rid of database workload silos, click the link below for more information.