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How to Eliminate Bottlenecks and Speed IT Service Delivery
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Digital transformation tools and processes are changing the way businesses are run. Along with this, another major change is occurring – today’s digitally empowered customers have higher expectations than ever before.

As a company, you need to meet these expectations, or you will lose market share. IT teams now need new solutions that enable them to better engage with their customers. This is because:

  1.  Business is evolving: With a range of always-on digital devices and advanced technologies, customer demands are greater than ever before
  2. Manual processes hold IT back: Configuring infrastructure and applications, specifically network and security services, still requires time-consuming manual tasks
  3. IT agility is linked with business success: IT team’s ability to deliver IT resources quickly to meet business needs can affect both market position and profit

If you wish business sustainability and success, you need to make sure you speed your IT service delivery. In order to do this, you need to identify and eliminate the bottlenecks in the systems and processes. This can be done in the following methods:


Make use of automation for full-stack provisioning of infrastructure and applications.


Virtualize all of your networking and security components into the hypervisor layer.


Streamline the IT infrastructure and application lifecycle management in order to ensure continuity.

Make sure you aren’t left behind in the race by eliminating bottlenecks to speed up IT service delivery.

If you want to know more about ways to speed the delivery of IT services, click the link below for more information.