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How to Choose a Database for Your Mobile Apps
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What are the critical-to-success factors for your mobile application database?

Synchronization of data, offline capabilities, support for the right platforms, and enterprise-level security might be the top answers that come to mind.

Thanks to smartphones and other mobile devices, consumers are extremely reliant on sending and receiving messages and information through mobile applications. Chances are that a large part of your customer base is also dependent on mobile apps to receive information from your company.

The need to have internet connection for mobile apps is a “stone-age” theory. Providers of databases and cloud services have started offering offline capabilities with their mobile offerings. This is to ensure that there is little to no dependence on networks for these apps to function.

Today, there is a plethora of players available who offer such supportive and stable platforms. How can you go about choosing one?

Here is a checklist that might be helpful to you as you choose a database for your mobile apps:

#1 Does the database support the right platforms?

#2 Is the data secure at rest and in motion?

#3 Do you have a flexible data model?

#4 How does your database handle pesky conflicts?

#5 Does your database sync at the right times?

#6 Does your database sync using the right topology?

#7 Should you build or should you buy?

Asking yourself and potential database providers these seven questions can help you avoid settling for a mobile database application database that does not work well for you.

If you would like to know more about picking the right platform for your mobile application database, click the link below for more information.