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How to Build Native Apps With No Runtime

A developer’s worst nightmare is downtime and the thought of data intrusion from the outside. Developers spend inordinate amounts of time in front of their computers coding and testing out code, they have no time for interruptions to their workflow. Having a shaky system in place with the possibility of these maladies happening stifles creativity and security of data. Having a concrete bulletproof system in place to harness full workflow and creativity should be paramount in a developer’s workspace.

Outsourcing the development to a third-party developer may be a short-term fix, but it always brings more cost, more risk, and a loss of internal control to the finished product. Utilizing a Digital Transformation system is big business in an increasing number of software development studios. In a DT system, there is no run-time environment which means your source code is yours and it reduces operational costs. Security and Compliance Integrity is also guaranteed within this system.

The need for a Digital Transformation system for developers has arrived and should be implemented to maximize the security and productivity of your developers. The risk of using other measures is far too great to not only your data but your revenues as well.