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How to Build Large Scale Angular Apps with NX

In the world of coding and app development, the name of the game is speed and efficiency. A whole project could grind to a halt when the apple cart is upset over a couple of trivial errors that can cause gridlock at the user level.

This gridlock can take hours to correct under certain conditions, this is why certain care needs to be taken when starting a project. What type of repository will you be working with? There are some companies and projects which use multiple repositories and in certain cases, this is the way to go. However, for most companies and projects, a single repository works best. Case in point, Google only uses one repository throughout its gigantic enterprise.

Using only one repository saves man-hours by tidying things up and not having to pull from and correct different places to fix one error (diamond dependency) which can eat up time and revenue. Using one repository for your project also simplifies things from the developer POV with easier access to libs and tools.

You can also use toolsets to help you build applications that use a single repository during development. This speeds along with development and fixing errors as they happen in the process. This also speeds ongoing testing of the application as you build to increase efficiency across all channels of development.

HCL Technologies can help with your NX development needs which aids in working in CLI Angular to speed up application development.