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Imagine your company has been in business for more than 100 years. That’s a lot of time and also a lot of archived data, even information that preceded the advent of scanning machines needs to be scanned into a digital medium. One cannot fathom the amount of data that a company of this vintage has produced, the amounts are staggering.

To have this much data and website data under stewardship with a regular data center would require a lot of data tapes and a lot of money to back it all up on a monthly or even weekly basis. Not to mention that the tapes themselves break down and if you don’t have that particular tape backed up on a redundancy basis, that data may be lost forever.

The Cloud has had a slow climb within the general business consciousness over the last fifteen years or so. The format and medium have taken many changes and tweaks to the system over this time period and these days, companies can now house many decades worth of data and assorted items on the cloud with no worries of breaches or lost data. Looking into cloud-based storage should be on your shortlist of data centers to consider when looking into an enterprise server.