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How Securing Recursive DNS Proactively Protects Your Network

Companies spend huge sums of money to protect their networks and business data. But many cases of data breaches happen every year with malicious attacks and DoS attacks becoming a prevalent problem. Why are these numbers seemingly going up every year?

One reason is that there are hundreds of thousands of different worms and viruses that are created every year by hackers. Another reason is the focus of the attacks are to a relatively unprotected area, Recursive DNS (rDNS).

Recursive DNS is the “gateway” to access websites and to start up downloads and uploads. This facet is overlooked quite a bit in modern IT departments, it is akin to having a fence around an expensive Mansion, but leaving the back door unlocked. Enterprise network security should thwart these attacks by utilizing sound tactics such as Malware delivery interception and detecting CnC (Command and Control).

To sum it up, one can build the highest walls of perimeter defense around a property or an asset. If malicious intent is exercised, someone will be able to scale that wall, no matter how high it is. Once it is scaled, you should have your proverbial doors (in this case, rDNS) locked and secure to protect your vital data.