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How Mobile HD Video Enhances the Show

It can be challenging for communications service providers to satisfy the huge demand for bandwidth at concerts and sports events. This challenge becomes particularly true when it comes to live video, which typically has a lag when streamed over the internet. Edge Video Orchestration, EVO, is based on the Multi-access Edge Computing platform and is able to solve this problem.

EVO enables videos to be stored in a cloud local to the venue where the video is being recorded. This network can route data traffic within the venue. This includes social networking between audience members, prove event information and avoid delay associated with backhaul across the network. The venue can also use this infrastructure for security sensors and security cameras.

Edge Video Orchestration can lower video latency as described in this whitepaper. EVO also demonstrated the power of MEC for delivering low latency while producing high throughput communication solutions. EVO is a powerful solution for many businesses as described in this whitepaper.