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Does your organization confront cloud challenges at no risk?

What do you think of Managed Service Providers to support your entire cloud operating system? Businesses are meeting comprehensive challenges each day, and migrating workloads and applications are a need of the hour!

While cloud computing has been making enormous transformations, businesses to a larger extent fail to deal with cloud computing operations due to a lack of experts and cost.

Your business needs come first before choosing a managed service provider. Know your business goals and choose accordingly that benefits your organization in all ways.

“If someone asks me what managed services are, I try not to get bogged down with definitions. I tell them that, simply put, managed service is a better way to run your business.”

– Marc Benioff, Founder, CEO, and Chairman, Salesforce

In a simpler way, cloud managed service providers can bring the most out of your businesses mitigating the elevated level of risks with an expert level of skilling and knowledge.

Increase your revenue 10X higher with Managed Service Providers

Is your business growing?

According to Datto, “It is estimated that successfully deploying managed services will help reduce IT costs by 25-45% and increase operational efficiency by 45-65%. In addition, according to Intelligent Technical Solutions, 25% of organizations said downtime costs averaged between USD 301,000 and USD 400,000 per hour.”

The statement clearly explains cost reduction and cost optimization with managed services for business growth. With industry requirements, standards, and consumer needs changing daily, businesses are seeking result-based outcomes.

“The MSP (Managed Service Providers) will now be seen using advanced analytics and reporting to state the implemented technologies’ impact and present factual data.” reveals a recent report.

Advanced technologies like IoT (Internet of Things) and blockchain have reversed the plans by indulging in the market space of cloud computing services that have created futuristic opportunities for implementing these technologies.

While industries are pitching hard and fast to digital transformation, data generation, and visualization can become real-time. Outsourcing Cloud Managed Services can help deliver one-stop cloud solutions managing multiple cloud environments at enterprise-class applications and multi-stage cloud strategies.

MSPs are not constricted to specific industries but an outsourced platform utilized by distinct areas. Small and medium businesses (SMBs) are also part of the services where the benefits of cloud migration and managed cloud environment impact them greatly.


HexaCorp’s Managed Service Providers are built with innovative and automated technologies that contribute to cloud operations in a seamless manner. Well-experienced cloud providers like them can help your business with Network monitoring & patching, Preventive maintenance, Security management, Backup & disaster recovery management, and Desktop/Mobile support. HexaCorp’s industry-leading Managed Cloud Services Providers contribute accurate, globally distributed, strongly consistent data with access to reliable teams of cloud experts.