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How Important Is the IT PMO to Your Business
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Increasing company growth and retaining customers are the two most important things for almost any business. Executive leaders and senior management are typically seen as the go-to people to make these things happen.

Business leaders don’t typically go to IT PMOs for advice or assistance when they should. While it isn’t often seen this way, IT PMOs are strategically positioned to add value to businesses in both of these areas by focusing on value delivery and contributing to revenue and relevance.

To help change the perceptions and link the PMO to your business effectively, consider these points:

  • Shift from a cost center to a value center and achieve greater relevance.
  • Talk to your team and business stakeholders to identify what information is needed to make business decisions.
  • Know the CEOs top concerns, tie efforts and outcomes to strategic impact.
  • IT PMOs must execute on the right projects at the right time to remain relevant.
  • Communicate with your business stakeholders to determine what they need. Implement planning and execution activities that drive the most value to your organization.
  • Partner with the business to prioritize projects that align with strategic objectives.

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