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How Hybrid IT Outsourcing Shifts IT Focus to Innovation

Digital transformation, or DX, is the fundamental change that organizational and company processes, activities, and models are undergoing so as to make full use of the increasing opportunities that digital technologies provide across society in an effort for these processes to be more agile, innovative, streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective.

One of the ways in which the digital transformation is affecting businesses’ models, processes, and services is in outsourcing. Hybrid outsourcing encompasses all outsourcing models and options and makes use of the specific benefits of all of them. A hybrid outsourcing approach to IT infrastructure takes advantage of the aspects of data centers, network connectivity, and cloud services to develop flexible IT infrastructure.

This whitepaper addresses the challenge that companies are facing as they make over their services, processes, business models, and IT infrastructure in the face of digital transformation. It explains how IT technology and system strategies are affecting business agility, customer experience, and competitive advantage, and how outsourcing the essential parts of IT infrastructure, such as data center facilities, computing platforms, storage platforms, network connectivity services, security services, applications, connectivity, and management of the IT infrastructure can all be outsourced, which shifts the focus of IT to business technology innovation instead of dealing with routine administrative tasks.

This executive brief is essential reading for IT executives who are looking for their business to achieve the agility, flexibility, and cost efficiency to move their business forward in the fast-moving digital landscape.

This whitepaper explains how a reduction in cost of dealing with infrastructure results in an increase in IT resources freed up for innovation, how colocation of your data center will cut costs without risk, why you should buy managed IT infrastructure or cloud-based IT services, how the benefits of cloud computing make multi-cloud environments attractive to enterprises, and finally discusses the reward of hybrid IT outsourcing.