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How Hybrid IT Is Transforming Enterprises
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Organizations today are under constant pressure to stay ahead of their competition and drive sustainable growth. To be ahead of the game, companies must adapt to the latest environments, regardless of the industry they are in.

Customer demands and expectations are constantly changing and their systems of choice are dynamic. Companies survive or thrive based on systems they develop and deliver to their customers and employees.

Your smartphone is not just a device, but a complete bank of connections and networks right in the palm of your hand.

Beyond this, employees within an organization are behaving just like customers. They want easy access to information and that puts a lot of pressure on internal IT systems to provide the right level of infrastructure. If they don’t, users often begin look for a solution outside the organization or network that works for them.

It has been observed that many CIOs and other executives prefer to have a combination of public and private cloud systems, also known as hybrid cloud implementations.

Two-thirds of organizations believe that it is better to have a hybrid cloud which consists of private and public instances. This allows them to leverage the power of public cloud systems and at the same time allow the private cloud to take care of the security.

IT leaders believe the choice to go for one environment over the other, whether public or private cloud, depends entirely on the type of application being used. This leaves IT leaders to rethink the terms of IT as a service, and work to define, offer, and monitors services for business users, not technology silos.

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