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How E-Signature Technology Supports Best-In-Class Performance
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Aaron is a sales rep who is concerned that operations in his company aren’t performing well.

Aaron asks his manager, Ben, if there is more they can do to better meet the needs of their clients while also improving sales performance.

Ben explains that e-signatures, a new practice sales reps are using, could help to ensure sales operations are more efficient and improve overall revenue.

Ben explains that there are four key performance metrics that will ensure that they have best-in-class performance:

  • Current sales quota attainment
  • Current opportunity win rate
  • Year-over-year improvement in customer acquisition cost
  • Year-over-year improvement in total company profit margin

By understanding and maintaining these performance metrics, Aaron and the other sales reps will be able to offer best-in-class performance to their customers.

E-signature technology will help the company to report competitive levels of sales sophistication in their operations and maintain a simple, yet solid, operational process and workflow.

Now that Aaron and the other sales reps understand how e-signature technology supports best-in-class performance, he is ready to use e-signature technology to improve sales operations in his company.

If you want to learn more about how e-signature technology supports best-in-class performance, click the link below for more information.