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How Disruptive Technologies are Redefining the Role of Project Management

In life, there are certain constants that will eventually happen. It has been said that two of the more famous certainties are death and taxes. But there’s another constant that is always happening and that is change, whether it’s societal or technological, change is always happening in the world. In the world of Business, these changes are referred to as disruptive technologies.

The term is used because it literally disrupts the status quo and forces business to make changes to their architecture. In the last 20 years, this has been evident with the speed of technological advances and the new niche that’s opened up to help businesses evolve and that niche is Digital Transformation.

Digital transformation is catching on in the last few years with businesses in many sectors. To keep evolution up and to keep ahead of the curve, today’s businesses need to implement digital transformation at the top of the pyramid. When C-level executives (CEO, COO, CTO, etc.,) shepherd these changes, the business has the best chance of total implementation and the best success at evolution.