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How Digital Security Can Enable the Journey to the Cloud
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Business and innovation are moving faster than ever before.

Companies face constant pressure to meet customer demands and expectations. While some are trying to use outdated models that worked years ago, others are realizing that to succeed, they must establish a “digital first” model.

This type of model improves the effectiveness of digital channels and enables new ways of engaging with current and new customers.

In short, digital is simply smarter and better.

To ensure such channels stay open and customer-focused, companies face a major paradigm shift in which massive levels of new data and insights must be sifted through and upon which the IT infrastructure must be built.

To ensure freedom and flexibility with “digital first” models, businesses must ensure the right kind of security is in place. Solid security processes will help businesses transform quickly without risk increase or loss of control.

Cloud technology helps enterprises to bring all data into a single collaborative unit and avoid silo storage. However, efficiency can be affected by security concerns. Therefore, a digital security plan must be in place as a standard operating procedure.

Digital security will never be an add-on. In fact, research by Oracle suggests that, 52% of enterprises believe data security will be a primary driver for cloud adoption. The remaining 48% think the opportunity to enforce security policies will improve the adoption of cloud technology.

With digital services increasingly becoming a critical part of the transformation process, digital security must also be must be interwoven into the process.

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