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How Cybersecurity Will Soon Look Like Machine Learning-based Adaptive Intelligence
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The cybersecurity landscape is evolving much faster than ever before. The number of network perimeters has decreased and the number of connections, devices, and people allowed to access such applications and subsequent data has increased.

With all the connections and applications that exists, one of the biggest challenges that remains is security and the constant threats to security that abound.

Established security controls such as firewalls, intrusive protection systems, and other preventative technologies are in place, but all of this is not adequate enough to guard against threats from the cloud and mobile territories.

To combat the explosion of traditional security systems, most companies are adopting cloud technologies to accommodate various digital business opportunities. Cloud services are easy to provide, deploy, and consume right away.

However, security threats are not cancelled by cloud adoption alone. The scale of services across cloud and on-premise environments requires a new approach to cyber defence.

To secure enterprise IT assets and protect against increasingly sophisticated attacks, forward-looking organizations are adopting cybersecurity technologies that are continuous, adaptive, real-time, and intelligent. They rely on algorithms from artificial intelligence and machine learning to manage configurations, monitor access to resources, and encrypt sensitive data to protect IT assets.

Cybersecurity will soon look like machine learning based on adaptive intelligence in 3 ways:

Modern day cybersecurity applications continuously monitor the network and detect even minor threats almost immediately.

Modern applications will respond adaptively, meaning that a threat once combated will immediately add a specific response style. So if a similar threat occurs in future, the machine will be equipped to tackle it.

The availability of analysis risk through identity and context monitoring.

Given the diversity, advancement, and unpredictability of modern threats, it is critically important to take steps to ensure your organization is equipped with modern-day cybersecurity measures including platforms for boosting big data intelligence and analytics.

If you want to know more about the future of cybersecurity and how companies are slowly shifting to machine learning-based adaptive intelligence to arm against cyber threats, click the link below for more information.