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How Commerce and Customer Experience Work Together

How Commerce and Customer Experience Work Together

Tim works as a marketing director for an app-based auctions company that allows users to bid on and buy inexpensive computers and gadgets. He knows that to turn potential and current customers into loyalists, he must deliver a contextual shopping experience.

But there is one problem: He has very little experience with contextual shopping experiences.

He has heard several of his friends complain about different companies offering subpar customer experiences which has, in turn, made them switch to purchasing products from other retailers.

Tim doesn’t want customers leaving his company with the same feelings, so he sets his sights on figuring out the best ways to connect commerce with the customer experience, making his customers happy and turning them into brand loyalists.

Tim finds 5 things that he can plan to act on right now and gives some pointers to his team on how to get started:

  1. Deliver personalized, relevant content in the moment. Customer engagement is at its highest when customers are actively shopping. Responding in real-time makes customers more likely to act.
  2. Shape online shopping experiences for any device. Connect with customers and shape their shopping experience to suit whatever device they’re operating on and to serve them on their terms.
  3. Increase engagement with the social community. Customers trust other verified customers more than celebrity endorsements. Add user-generated content and customers will trust your company more.
  4. Deliver a completely connected customer experience. When experiences are personalized with sophisticated merchandising and shopping, customers are happier across all channels.
  5. Gain actionable insights. Track shopping activities of customers and turn that data into actionable insight to acquire new customers and nurture existing customers.

A light switch flips on in Tim’s brain. He now knows he needs a social media coordinator, a fully enhanced mobile app, and personalization features on the app and the website.

With these three implementations, he is ready to create the best experience for his customers and guide them through the buying funnel from sight to purchase.

If you are looking for ways to connect commerce with the customer experience, click the link below for more information.

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