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How Campus Networking Has Evolved to Support Agile IT

Campus networking and the accompanying essential criteria that it entails has evolved to support Agile IT. As a decision-maker, it is essential to understand the issues surrounding specific technology or business cases. It is also important to understand how enterprise IT is changing and impacting business overall.

Pathfinder has put together an informative report for decision-makers to help them better understand how enterprise IT is changing from a rigid, static, manually configured and managed architecture to one where connectivity is dynamic, application services are on demand and processes are automated. Understanding how enterprise IT is changing is the key for better IT support in your business.

In this whitepaper, you will gain a better understanding of your responsibilities as a decision-maker when it comes to IT support. This whitepaper will also help you understand how campus networking has evolved and why having better IT support is essential to providing the best business operations to your company.