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How Azure Active Directory Can Benefit Your Brand

To compete with other businesses in this modern era, you need to keep up with the digital transformation focus. But how do you do this? How do you provide access to data and tools to your employees from anywhere? And, how do you protect that data as it travels? You need to establish one unified identity. To do this, implement a cloud-based directory and identity management service.

A cloud-based directory and identity management service will provide you with a directory, identity protection, and management access. It will combine multiple accounts into a unified, secured identity. A service like this can improve your brand by saving time and improve your company’s productivity with things such as single sign-on, password-free login, self-service password reset, and more. You will be able to:

1. Add your corporate branding
When users sign, in they will see your company’s brand.

2. Integrate on-premise directories
Providing a common identity will improve the user experience.

3. Enable remote access
Users will be able to access on-premises web applications with one identity, removing the need for a separate VPN.

4. Improve security
Include multi-factor authorization to make it easier and faster to sign in, but harder to hack.

5. Detect and handle breaches
This will work to detect possible vulnerabilities and work to remove them before a breach ever happens.

6. Safely delegate application controls
This allows you to grant temporary access to applications that are privileged.

All of these options can allow you to stay in the running with the competition. You want your company brand to be the best in its field. Implementing a cloud-based directory and identity management service will allow your brand to do just that! If you want to know more about how a cloud-based directory and identity management service can benefit your brand, click below o learn more.