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Here Is How You Should Be Using Betterworks
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Since 2013, companies have been using enterprise software company, BetterWorks, to increase effective performance with goals and data. It connections the fourfold performance process—goals, feedback, conversations, and reviews—to leverage engagement and improve performance.

In a recent survey of customers who use the company’s insights to effectively execute their goals:

— 95% said BetterWorks helped them increase transparency

— 91% said it has increased alignment AND

— 72% said they were able to increase employee engagement

Companies such as Kroger, AOL, and Consumer Affairs are better able to understand how employee goals and company goals align, the level of current progress and efficiency on certain tasks, and improved employee connection and passion for business growth.

“As soon as we took a look at the BetterWorks system, it was really clear this was going to help us with transparency, collaboration, and knowledge sharing across our organization.” — Tracy Beltrane, HR Business Advisor at AOL