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GoToMeeting Makes Business Collaboration Simple
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Thanks to the influence of video and chat apps in our daily communication, business owners and employees are increasingly becoming more comfortable with using video and audio conferencing to get work done.

As important as verbal communication is, it only accounts for approximately 40% of all communication. Over 80% feel more connected to their teams and their colleagues when video conferencing is in play. And nearly 60% feel that if you can’t meet face to face, a video conference is the next best thing.

As a younger generation of more mobile and technologically advanced users enter the workforce, companies find it necessary to change the way teams communicate and collaborate with each other.

There are many other reasons that video conferencing is good for business including that it can:

#1 improve client and co-worker interaction,

#2 convey concepts or goals in a more clear and concise manner,

#3 ensure the non-verbal is not misunderstood, and

#4 combat isolation from remote work locations.

By far, the best video conferencing software is GoToMeeting which supports millions of meetings every year and helps businesses connect, collaborate, and communicate in the digital age.

With GoToMeeting, you can:

#1 SIMPLIFY with one meeting link for every meeting

#2 CUSTOMIZE by making the welcome screen your own

#3 SHARE your meeting with attendees in just one click

#4 MANAGE your entire meeting calendar with flawless integration

#5 MEET ANYWHERE from your phone or mobile device straight from the app

Video conferencing will continue to be a critical tool for business communication in the years to come. Its benefits to business are numerous and integration value beyond what you could imagine.