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Getting the Best Out of Zinc

BioTek field teams once had to depend on a myriad of communication tools like email, texting and phone calls, to connect with each other while on the move. These tools presented many challenges for communicating at the moment though. Without a better communication system, BioTex field teams were weighed down by email traffic since these team members don’t spend their days at a desk. So, how could BioTek improve the communication between their field team members?

Enter Zinc. Zinc is a tool designed for field teams and offers controls businesses need. With Zinc, field team members no longer need different apps on their phone to text teammates or make quick support calls. Thanks to Zinc, BioTek’s team members can now communicate seamlessly with each other all from one single app, saving them significant time while on a job.

Is your company looking for enhanced field operations through a real-time communication solution? Download this informative whitepaper to learn more about Zinc and how it can streamline your communication needs.