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While process improvement can set your organization up for success, there are times when getting your senior leadership team on board can be a hardship to navigate.

Senior leaders are often looking for straight pathways to long-term ROI or other internal goals that they have for the company. This is their job and it can be challenging to prove the reason for process improvement.

But if you plan to maximize the full value of your process improvement efforts and engage your teams and departments, executives are in the best position to lead the charge, or at least support it.

So how can you get leadership to buy-in for process improvement?

Well, here are four questions you need to answer before approaching senior management:

1. Who will you approach?

2. Why is a continuous improvement worth their time?

3. What actions do you want them to take?

4. How will you sell continuous improvement to them?

These answers will help you start the conversation and maximize your chances of getting leadership buy-in.

At the end of the day, it is important to commit to meaningful process improvement and understand you are navigating a corporate structure. Speak the right language and your chances will be maximized.

Find out more about how to gain leadership buy-in for process improvement, by clicking the link below.