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Gaining a Competitive Edge In the Cloud

Many of today’s businesses harness the power of the cloud within their networks. Businesses use the cloud for many aspects such as security, file storage, applications, and data. According to IDC, by 2020 over 90% of Enterprises will use multiple cloud services and platforms. This only shines a light upon the changing world of business networks that’s taken place in the last decade alone. With clouds becoming the go-to for networks to run their systems, you need a good cloud-based model to tie it all together.

A cloud-based model has many different features and advantages to help businesses run smoothly. It improves security by changing the environment from a reactive security model to a proactive security model. It improves availability by simplifying complex applications across the network which limits downtime at the user level. It improves cost by reducing lost revenue due to cyber attacks and downtime.

Cloud-based models are only just beginning to take hold in the network sector. Many businesses today are seeing the advantages of having such a system onboard. With the many benefits it offers to Enterprises, it pays to have a cloud-based model running your network.