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A Full Guide to Multi-Dimensional ADC Scaling

The world is undergoing a digital revolution. Applications are being created faster than ever, and so are the number of users consuming them. In data centers, on virtual platforms, in the cloud, and in SaaS functions, applications abound. More apps are now being moved out of on-premise data centers to off-premise cloud-based infrastructures.

In order for an optimized and secure delivery of these applications to yield good results, IT departments need specific network appliances called Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs). ADCs are available in hardware and virtual and containerized form factors and are sized by Network Administrators based on the current and future usage of applications.

The main challenge with ADCs is that they are hard to foresee in terms of sizing or scalability requirements. Most ADCs are fixed-capacity network appliances that provide zero or minimum expansion capability beyond their original capacity.

If you are looking for an Application Delivery Controller system, this whitepaper guide to multidimensional ADC Scaling might help.