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All-Flash Array Market Assessment Report

The all-flash array market has grown significantly in the past few years and many customers have committed to an all-flash for primary storage strategy. The year of 2017 saw over 80% of all primary storage revenue come from the all-flash array market. With this level of growth, the primary flash array space has allowed multiple segments to develop.

There are many vendors in the all-flash array marketspace. It is important for a company to decide which vendor is the most appropriate for their needs and works best with their business structures. They all offer adequate performance, but some are geared toward specific requirements much better than others.

An all-flash array market is growing within the IT business space and companies must decide which vendor is best for them. This whitepaper not only explains the importance of the all-flash array market but outlines the differences between storage vendors so companies can choose the best option for their needs.