A Five-Fold Solution for Integrated Wholesale Distribution - Download White Paper (PDF)

A Five-Fold Solution for Integrated Wholesale Distribution

Netsuite wholesale distribution kit

Thanks to far-reaching technological advancements, the world of business has completely transformed how it operates. Industries today are faster, more competitive and increasingly global.

This is true for wholesale distribution businesses as well.

Wholesale distribution is a complex process that consists of multiple components from inventory management to customer care. The procedures are so complicated that an on-premise system can become a bottleneck as current processes outgrow the system.

This problem can now be solved in one word – the Cloud. The cloud simplifies business processes and helps to complete the order lifecycle in 5 primary ways:

1st…Cloud solutions are completely scalable, and as business grows, a cloud solution can easily adjust to growing demand.

2nd…The platform that comes with a cloud solution is completely flexible including role-based access controls and dashboards and an easy to use interface.

3rd…A scalable cloud-based system centralizes all data received and helps users to access that data at any time and from anywhere.

4th…With omnichannel commerce, department users can get a complete view of customers’ information and manage purchases, payments, and fulfillment.

5th…Cloud systems also add value in the form of industry expertise which helps companies of all sizes to work in a collaborative manner.

A scalable ERP system that can easily manage the complexities of your business is possible. If you want to transition everything about your company to the cloud, click the link below for more information.

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