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IT Unblock workplace collaboration
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One of the biggest challenges of growing a business is communication. And communication in the digital age means ongoing collaboration with people in different departments, at different stages of the project, anytime of the day, and anywhere in the world.

Sharing a single document with one person is easy but working together on multiple documents, projects, or even internal strategies becomes very difficult when 20 heads want to have a say.

According to the Harvard Business Review, “The time that managers and employees spend collaborating has increased by at least 50% over the past two decades and up to 80% of workers’ time is spent on collaborative activities like meetings, calls, and responding to emails.”

Today, many organizations face increased pressure to find collaboration tools that are secure, scalable, reliable, cost-effective and that meet the needs of an increasingly global and mobile workforce. To meet these pressures, companies must first identify collaboration blockers.

To accomplish organization goals, teams are turning to collaboration suites such as Office 365 to ensure communication in real-time is easy, reliable, and secure. Office 365 includes:

  1. A chat-based workspace with Planner, SharePoint, and OneDrive
  2. Skype for Business with screen sharing, messaging, video, and voice calling capabilities
  3. Social networking for work with Yammer to share ideas and foster discussion