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Extending EUC Cost Leadership with VMWare Horizon on VxRail

In recent years, an increasing number of organizations have moved away from using purely physical desktops to a virtual desktop infrastructure, also known as VDI. A massive driving force behind this change is the efficiency and convenience that is provided by such applications. These apps mainly run on virtual data accessibility. This is made possible through converged infrastructure (CI).

CI helps lower costs through optimization of data çenter resources. It is effective for all IT organizations, regardless of the way in which the services are managed or presented. CI is often implemented as an application. The combination of CI and standardized appliances that can be rapidly integrated results in a hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI). These applications deliver comprehensive End User Computing (EUC) capabilities in a single unit, reducing data center and operational costs.

This whitepaper talks about the ways in which VMWare Horizon can help to extend EUC cost leadership on VxRail.